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Trade Robot ( RBT ) . No

registration, no hassle.

TRADE Robot token on BNB Smart Chain in seconds , just by connecting your wallet or BUY by Bank Transfer , CoinPayments …

Robot ( RBT ) BEP-20


Robot ( RBT ) Converter 

Earn passive income

with crypto.

iRobotSWAP makes it easy to make your crypto work
for you.


New Launched ( $ 0.01 ) 

Buy or Exchange NEW Launched BEP-20 Tokens  , their STARTING PRICE being $ 0.01 , this particularly low price will fluctuate enormously in the first days , because these coins will be sold or traded in very large quantities in the first days after launch .

Etherion ( ETN ) BEP-20


IPO ( Initial Public Offering ) 

Buy or Exchange BEP-20 Tokens  , price of  tokens in  IPO are very advantageous  because they were recently listed and their price is constantly increasing .

BEP 20 Tokens – Binance Smart Chain

Energy ( ENGY ) BEP-20


ImoCoin ( IMO ) BEP-20


Betra Coin ( BBTA ) BEP-20


Waves Energy ( WEY ) BEP-20


Lotto ( LTO ) BEP-20


Lucoin ( LCN ) BEP-20


EGG ( EGG ) BEP-20


NFT’s give us harmony 

and color in life.

Trade Robots NFT’s  on OpenSea and Rarible , Trading
or Collection Cards … and more.

ERC 1155 NFT ‘s – OpenSea

Hybrid Liberty Robot Face  

Marilyn Cyberpunk

iRobots Trading Cards 

ERC 721 NFT ‘s – Rarible

Virtual Rolls Royce 

Binance – Cube Staking  

iRobot Around The World

Cute Robots – Collection

MARS – Ticket to Space 

LAUNCH your own Token  

or NFT.

Do you want to LAUNCH your own Token or NFT ?
We can create it for you .
– BEP 20 Token ( Binance Smart Chain )
– ERC 20 Token ( Ethereum Network )
– ERC 721 NFT ( Rarible )
– ERC 1155 NFT ( OpenSea ) 

Is this your first experience in crypto ?

Don’t have wallet for your crypto coins  ?

Can’t handle it or need help ?

We help you open up and to make your first transaction , contact us .

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We are building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible , efficient , and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.

We started  with the radical idea that anyone , anywhere , should be able to easily and securely send and receive crypto coins. Today , we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy. 

CEO  Sergiu LUCA

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” make the world better – be honest –  help the people around you – share your wealth with the poor ,

don’t hang your head if you are right – fight for your freedom – fight for your right “

We are Anonymous , we are Legion , we do not Forgive , we do not Forget . Expect us .

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