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We are building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible , efficient , and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.

We started  with the radical idea that anyone , anywhere , should be able to easily and securely send and receive crypto coins. Today , we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy. 

Crypto Currencies

BEP 20 Tokens

Robot ( RBT ) – Price : click Price Chart – Order Book : 25 K

ImoCoin ( IMO ) – Price : click Price Chart – Order Book : 2,5 M

ERC 20 Tokens

ImoCoin ( IMO ) – Price : 1,39 USD – Order Book : 2 M

Revolut ( RVLT ) – Price : 2,71 USD – Order Book : 100 K

Lucoin ( LCN ) – Price : 0,09 USD – Order Book : 100 K

Lotto ( LTO ) – Price : 0,11 USD – Order Book : 175 K

Euether ( EUTH ) – Price : 0,14 USD – Order Book : 150 K

Etherion ( ETN ) – Price : 0,12 USD – Order Book : 250 K

ERC 1155   NFT ‘s via OpenSea

Hybrid Liberty Robot Face – NFT ART


Robots – NFT’s Trading Cards 1/100 Collectibles


ERC 721   NFT ‘s via RARIBLE

Buy or Sell your VIRTUAL Rolls Royce


Binance Cubes NFT STAKING


iROBOT Around The World – NFT 


Marilyn Monroe – made of computer keyboards


iRobot Crypto Exchange has launched own token

Robot ( RBT ) BEP 20 token , only 100 K total supply on Binance Smart Chain 

Robot  token is accepted for any crypto or NFT transaction on exchange .


iRobot World   NFAROn Line Gallery Launch 

” Hybrid Liberty Robot Face “

The magic word is NFT and is the latest fashionable word in the world art .
NFT – Non-Fungible Token – is a solution for artists, graphic artists and photographers that proves that it owns a digital work of art and provides a royalty fee of 10% to artists every time it is sold. This information is stored online and protected with blockchain codes.
Blockchain technology provides the mechanism for digital authentication of NFTs by attaching a permanent signature and the established provenance to a digital work of art. So a GIF, JPEG or other digital article created by an artist is embedded with a code, and the owner of this file can later trade it in a market. The value of the work is the price for which it was sold, and the seller can accept or reject offers higher or lower by potential buyers.
The iRobot WORLDART online art gallery in Romania is the first NFT gallery in Romania to hit the market with an NFT work,
< Hybrid Liberty Robot Face >.
The owner of the digital work is free to offer it for resale on the secondary market whenever he deems it the right time.
< This is an innovative development in the art world. I am particularly pleased that this mechanism guarantees the royalty of artists when their works of art are resold >
says gallery owner Mr. L.S. , CEO of iRobot Exchange,
” Also, the purchase of this work of art is a unique opportunity for collectors to have an entry in blockchain itself, created by an interesting artist and collector. ”
The preferred currency is the Robot token (RBT), but it allows you to buy with your credit card, BTC, ETH, BNB or many other cryptocurrencies. The online auction will start on the iRobot Exchange website for $ 1,500  for the physical format .
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